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15 May
Floppy disks signed by the actor who played The Phantom Phreak in Hackers!!
6 May
"Give trendy products destined for e-waste a second life."
#dystopia + #hacking
2 May
Game where you have to build up from simple logic gates all the way to programming languages
#games + #hacking
10 Apr
An open source project to replace the (now sadly deprecated) Nintendo Online network which powers a bunch of features on Gameboys.
#games + #hacking
7 Apr
Reading the comments in this file is pure joy
7 Mar
"A smart card reconnaissance tool able to map out many different kinds of smart cards. - xforcered/wubblegum"
2 Mar
This will let me join in and extend the local non-internet mesh network powered by this type of cheap device.
2 Mar
An organized effort to bring the meshtastic mesh network to austin at a sustainable level. very cool.
17 Feb
"Feds once again fix up compromised retail routers under court order."