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6 Mar
"An exploration of the problems and possible futures of flooding the web with generative AI content"
3 Feb
"The arrival of Hugging Chat Assistants shows how fast the open source community continues to catch up to closed rivals such as OpenAI."
20 Jan
Nick Tangborn made a custom GPT that looks up comic books!!
17 Jan
A video version of the DRONEGOD$ manifesto from Infinite Detail announcing their looming takedown of... the internet and global capitalism.
17 Jan
Non-stop Godzilla!!!
15 Jan
I got to attend this “live” and really enjoyed it.
15 Jan
Wacky little Godzilla puppets!
15 Jan
Delightful cartoon Godzilla toon
20 Dec 2023
They are releasing a BLACK AND WHITE cut of Godzilla Minus One. The trailer looks awesome.