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26 Feb
This text was extracted from a track on an Information Society record that was actually modem sounds. LOVE IT.
22 Feb
This is a beautiful personal site. I love how the blog archive has 10 years of posts on it and loads in like 1 second.
22 Feb
"This is a book about how to survive on the internet. It’s about the cozy web, the dark web, the dark forest, the clear net, the dark net, and a new social world emerging around us. This is the Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet."
21 Feb
case made from polypropylene made to hold cables.
20 Feb
A Martha Wells story. She just posted it on her blog.
18 Feb
Mac/iOS app that stores notes as markdown files. Maybe a good replacement for Notes.
17 Feb
"Feds once again fix up compromised retail routers under court order."
16 Feb
"This is a computer peripheral designed for computer data storage. Uses special MD-Data discs (similar, but not identical to MD-Audio discs). Capacity: 140MB, transfer rate: 150KB/s continuous, 2.5MB/s burst, 320KB internal buffer, average seek < 500ms. LCD display on remote. Includes remote, headphones. Unit will play (but not record) audio MDs."