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12 Mar
3 Mar
"Documentation for @meshtastic/js"
15 Feb
This sets up the Puck.js as a bluetooth input device and allows you to start/stop music, etc.
#hacking + #javascript
19 Dec 2023
This is a cool demo project from @genmon that adds multiplayer cursors and "cursor chat" to any website. Under the hood it is using Partykit, which is an SDK and service for running websocket stuff. Neat.
11 Nov 2023
Wow this is neat! I want to combine it with GPT!
#games + #javascript
27 Sep 2023
"Codepilot is a programming buddy that is an expert on your codebase.” This is a pretty amazing LLM-powered coding assistant by my pal Steve Ickman. It runs locally against your code and can answer questions, write docs, and actually generate code specific to your coding style. Very, very, very cool.
See also the filesystem based vector database package he built that enables some of these features.
#ai + #hacking + #javascript
5 Sep 2023
"EXPI lives in the Brotli dictionary. RIP JPEG encoder. RIP Compo stream."
This is an insane Javascript project that produces animation and music in less than 150 lines of Javascript. It will take me years to understand the math used here.