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20 May
huge list of stories by Rich Larson
6 May
great short story
15 Apr
"L. Ron Hubbard, Operation Midnight Climax, and stochastic terrorism—the race for mind control changed America forever."
4 Apr
A new short story from Annalee Newitz set in the Terraformers world!
16 Mar
Interviewed by Adam Greenfield
22 Feb
"This is a book about how to survive on the internet. It’s about the cozy web, the dark web, the dark forest, the clear net, the dark net, and a new social world emerging around us. This is the Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet."
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20 Feb
A Martha Wells story. She just posted it on her blog.
17 Jan
A video version of the DRONEGOD$ manifesto from Infinite Detail announcing their looming takedown of... the internet and global capitalism.
15 Jan
I got to attend this “live” and really enjoyed it.