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15 May
Floppy disks signed by the actor who played The Phantom Phreak in Hackers!!
11 May
"Floppy disks, floppy drives, and file transfer from floppy and zip disks. says it all."
16 Mar
Designed for Switch!
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4 Mar
"Explore the work of visionary author Cory Doctorow with this bundle! Get 18 books, including Little Brother & help support the Electronic Frontier Foundation."
2 Mar
This will let me join in and extend the local non-internet mesh network powered by this type of cheap device.
22 Feb
"This is a book about how to survive on the internet. It’s about the cozy web, the dark web, the dark forest, the clear net, the dark net, and a new social world emerging around us. This is the Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet."
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21 Feb
case made from polypropylene made to hold cables.
14 Feb
"A graphic novel about robotic cities, augmented reality…”
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13 Feb
"Enhance your Flipper Zero with the Video Game Module, featuring a Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller for broad project compatibility, a video out option for TV display, a motion sensor with open API, a 14-pin GPIO port for DIY expansions, a USB-C port for easy PC communication and firmware updates, and standalone mode functionality. It comes with an open-source firmware and schematics for complete customization."
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