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11 Dec 2023
40 episodes of animated Godzilla from the late 90s
10 Dec 2023
This is the only Christmas content I am interested in
3 Dec 2023
"You are only hearing about and seeing Cipher now at this quality because someone took the time, energy and money to preserve it. Preservation often only happens when people have the willpower to do it, as the degradation of media is a constant struggle against entropy and apathy. "
1 Dec 2023
Hey look, it’s the entire HALO series on YT to ~stream~ download and archive
13 Oct 2023
I have been watching this show on HULU. It’s about… a woman who leaves earth with her husband and settles an empty planet and then… falls asleep for 1300 years while her son sires an entire race of lumpy aliens and then… well, I’m only on episode 2. It’s got a great animation style and very cool design.
12 Oct 2023
This new sci-fi cartoon looks beautiful and amazing. Major Moebius vibes,