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15 May
Floppy disks signed by the actor who played The Phantom Phreak in Hackers!!
20 Mar
Very nice looking cyberdeck build
2 Mar
This will let me join in and extend the local non-internet mesh network powered by this type of cheap device.
15 Oct 2023
Emory got one of these in his quest for better login security, Looks good, good price.
5 Oct 2023
Ugh, this is a cool bag. I have too many bags, yet I want it!!
20 Sep 2023
This handheld RPi looks awesome. It even has a game pad controller.
7 Sep 2023
This $30 usb dongle lets you receive and decode radio signals around you. Similar to what the Flipper Zero does, but on a slightly broader scale and with the power of your laptop behind it.
Saw this in action at the defcon meetup where the presenter captured 50mb of plain text pager content :O :O
6 Sep 2023
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6 Sep 2023
This looks like a super tough version of one of those badge holders with a retractable hook. I have one from but this one looks extra badass and has…DYNEEMA CABLE!
I love the overkill factor of using the worlds strongest fiber to hook your keys to your belt.